Window Tint Is My Next Step

I bought a used car last year and I have spent plenty of time and money fixing it up. Saw great deals on window tinting at Austin window tint. I installed a new stereo system, painted it the color I want and purchased new rims and tires. Now I want to get window tint to make it look perfect.


The only problem I am having is finding an auto body shop that can do the job for a reasonable price. I have considered doing it on my own, but after reading a few horror stories I nixed that idea and decided to let the pros handle it.


I know that every area has certain regulations when it comes to how dark you can have your windows tinted. I need to make sure that I choose a professional wisely since their error can lead to me getting in a whole lot of trouble. I am only interested in preserving my interior and keeping my things away from prying eyes. I am not trying to do anything that will make it appear like I do not have any respect for the law. This is why I am being extremely careful when it comes to making a selection.

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